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AMD Settings in the context menu

After all driver update the AMD Settings is everywhere: in the Desktop context menu, in the folders context menu... To remove, just remove the following regedit folder: [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\... »

Language switch delay in Windows

In Windows there is a 1 second delay between language change shortcut and the actual change of language. To change this, the following regedit setting can be adjusted: [HKEY_CURRENT_... »

Easy & interesting math Q

Find \(k\) from the equation \(\int_6^k\frac{1}{2x+4}\mathrm{d}x = \log(k-1)\). Solution in the Wolfram Mathematica: Solve[Integrate[1/(2 x + 4), {x, 6,... »

Building custom packages for Anaconda

Disclaimer: Every bit of the information is taken from the documentation. Update conda: conda upgrade conda conda upgrade conda-build conda skeleton for PyPi packages: conda skeleton pypi <package>... »

Ghost blog on Docker in a minute

Recently I've started a blog on Ghost engine and have moved it on Docker. The following Docker Compose configuration allow one to create a standalone Ghost blog in a minute... »